next generation of synthetic thatch

NIPA thatch is a new paradigm in synthetic thatch roofing systems, with no required maintenance, independent waterproofing, and a sturdy design with a 20-year warranty.

synthetic nipa thatch roofing materials


Durable, beautiful thatch roofing shingles that endure. You won’t find a more realistic or better-performing synthetic thatch roofing product anywhere.

This cutting-edge synthetic thatch brings the allure of natural thatch while leaving behind its inherent challenges. Each piece of palm leaf embodies its own multi-hues and true-to-life rustic textures, representing a sophisticated feel and charm. No other imitation product comes close to our authentic appearance and quality.

nipa thatch shingle


20 year warranty against rot, decay, and sudden color fading.


Multi-colored thatch shingle, Molded from natural palm leaf


Class A fire-resistant available.

versatile, innovative thatch for everyone.

Easily executed for small-scale projects such as backyard palapa & DIY tiki huts to larger-scale projects such as world-class resorts & private residences.

01. Commercial

nipa thatching resorts

Project: Resort, Maldives

Built to withstand strong UV exposure, fire, and the rigors of inclement weather, NIPA thatch is tropical beauty made easy with 20 years of guaranteed perfection. Perfect synthetic thatching shingles for resorts, themed park & zoos.

02. Residential

synthetic thatch roof

Project: Private Residence, India

NIPA thatching materials are designed to capture the allure of natural palm thatch without any of the risks so you can enjoy your thatched roof worry-free for decades.

03. Do it yourself

nipa thatching tiki hut

Project: DIY tiki hut, South Pacific

Easy to install, even novice DIYers can build their own palapas or tiki huts effortlessly with our NIPA thatch shingles.

nipa thatch waterproofing shingles

NIPA Thatch FR is formulated with the highest level of flame retardant, which allows our product’s fire resistance to outperform any other artificial thatch products on the market today. Click The Play Button To Watch Our Real Burn Test And See For Yourself.

U.S. ASTM E108 Class“A” Fire Rating.


NIPA thatch is designed to adapt to any kind of roof. They are independently waterproofing, similar to asphalt shingles, and can even be installed on the open frame structure directly. Available with three aesthetical options.

nipa thatch roofing composite shingles

01. Horizontal Batten

NIPA thatch is an innovative product that fits every thatching need. Independently waterproof and can be installed directly onto open-frame Thatched roofing structures.


nipa thatch roofing

02. Vertical Rafter (Hidden Rail)

recreated the traditional nipa thatch underside look. This Innovative Thatching System Eliminates The Need For Horizontal Battens and allows shingles to be laid directly onto vertical rafters.

nipa thatch roofing shingles rail

03. Vertical Rafter (Visible Rail)

Powder-coated with bamboo finishes,The bamboo look Rail will be visible underside adding a tropical touch to your Thatching structure.


Our NIPA thatch shingles have been installed worldwide, attesting to the versatility & durability.

Have a look at our thatching works below and be inspired.


Our NIPA synthetic thatch shingles have all of the true-to-life natural beauty and rustic textures of natural palm leaf, combined with the incredible performance of composite resins. When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, no one does it better.

nipa synthetic thatch roofing shingles


Length: 39.37 in
Width: 27.56 in
Thickness: Approx. 0.039 in
Recommend Exposure: 8 in
Maximum Exposure: 9 in


Installed at 8 in: 2.0 Sq ft per shingle
Minimum Side Overlap: 2 in
Minimum Roofing Pitch: 4:12 (18°)
Nails per Panel: 7
Wastage: 10%


Sq ft per Box: 160
Sq ft per Pallet: 4,000
Sq ft per 20ft Container: 32,000
Sq ft per 40ft Container: 64,000